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1. Owner's name completing this form
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2. Rental Unit #1 (Separate forms required for each unit)
If Applicable
4. Unit Type
Must have proper egress, be 70sq ft or larger, have 4 walls and a door.
.5 for a half bath
A $200 range is ideal for single family homes and a $100 range is ideal for apartments or townhomes.
10. The home is currently
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Current Tenant Name #1 (if applicable):
Current Tenant Name #2 (if applicable):
N/A if the home is currently occupied with no plans to vacate.
13. Home Amenities (Check all that apply). Please note, YPPM does not manage furnished homes or homes with hot tubs or pools. YPPM does not manage the conditions or inventory of personal property left for tenant use.
14. Parking (Check all that apply)
Assigned space numbers, # of cars that can comfortably park on the property, parking zones, etc.
16. Storage - Available for tenant use
Assigned storage rooms numbers or directions to the storage if located in condo building.
18. Mailbox- Tenants must have access to their own personal box, even in ADU units.
19. Access- How will we access the property? (Select all applicable)
LRPM office drop off, key exchange with agent, onsite concierge etc.